The Collective Philanthropy is a philanthropic giving circle in which each member commits to donating 1% of their wealth annually for the next 30 years.


  • The Vision

    Imagine yourself 30 years from now looking back at the previous 30 years of your life. You’ve donated to organizations that are doing great work to make the world a better place and make the world a world that you want the future to have. Whether it’s cleaning up state parks, creating after-school activities for children at under-resourced schools, leading leadership and job training programs for prison inmates to reduce recidivism rates, planting trees, or anything else, you’ve been part of supporting their work. You’ve built a community of other individuals who also want to give back. You’ve formed bonds with individuals from all walks of life, from all around the globe, with at least one deeply shared interest and compassion for consistent and significant impact. Each year for the past 30 years you have come together with 29 others to select nonprofits whose work you want to support. You have given more with others than you would and could give on your own, and you feel less alone than you would giving on your own. You have personally donated 1% of your wealth, over the past 30 years, selecting some new and some of the same organizations each year to receive your donation. You have met the people involved in the organization and feel great about where your money is going. You have learned more about philanthropy, feel more confident about your philanthropic decisions, and feel empowered to keep giving for the rest of your life.

    What is it?

    Over the past two years, I have created and kickstarted a philanthropic fund for company founders to commit 1% equity to be donated, once liquidated, to nonprofits. Already we have donated $200,000 to four incredible organizations doing work in criminal justice reform, education, environmental sustainability, and urban development.


    Inspired by the work I’ve been doing with this philanthropic fund and interest from individuals I have created a way for individuals to give back in a similar collective manner. I’m inviting 30 people to join this giving circle, asking each of the 30 members to commit to donating 1% of your wealth, on an annual basis, for the next 30 years. Together we can make more of an impact than we can do on our own.

  • How It Works



    Commit to donating 1% of your wealth on an annual basis for the next 30 years. Complete this quick commitment form which asks for an estimate of your annual earnings as well as your social impact areas of interest.



    We’ll narrow down the social impact themes to 5 themes for the year. During the year The Collective runs a process for selecting and vetting nonprofits to make recommendations to you and the group.



    At the end of the year at a selection event (virtual or in person) with other members you’ll be presented with nonprofits in areas of interest to you. This gives everyone an opportunity to ask questions and learn from each other. Select the social impact theme and nonprofit to donate your 1% for the year.



    Like compound interest, giving consistently leads to greater impact overtime. 30 years of giving adds up! And, since there are multiple of us giving we’ll be able to make larger contributions and greater impact, collectively.

  • FAQ

    What is collective giving?

    Giving circles and similar models of collaborative giving entail groups of individuals who collectively donate money and sometimes unpaid time to support organizations or projects of mutual interest. Members have a say in how funding is given and which organizations or projects are supported.


    Collective giving (aka giving circles) is a powerful way to democratize and diversify philanthropy, engage new donors and increase local giving. In a time when philanthropy is increasingly focused on billionaires’ giving, everyday givers can still come together and pool their resources to make a difference in their communities and for the issues they care about.

    Why collective giving?

    Collective giving pools individual dollars to make significantly larger grants allowing people of all levels of wealth to participate in big gifts. It engages people in philanthropy earlier and more often since there is less of a financial barrier to getting involved (depending on the collective giving group). There is a difference between responding with an individual $100 donation and being part of a $25,000 or $100,000 grant to an organization. These larger grants can move the needle on issues.


    Collective giving is a flexible, grassroots model easily adapted to the community interests and financial resources of the people in the collective. Collective giving also speaks to several emotional drivers: creating relationships and community as well as working together for common causes.

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